Social Security

My Position on Social Security

I am a firm believer in the importance of the Social Security program. I am committed to making sure that these programs are there for all Americans – both current beneficiaries and future beneficiaries. Throughout my tenure in Congress, I have opposed proposals that would jeopardize the future viability of these programs.

Unfortunately, financial and economic analysts agree that Social Security, as currently structured, is fiscally unsustainable. This is mainly because of the great advances in health care over the last 30 years: as more Americans are living longer lives, the number of retirees as a percentage of the overall population grows. Consequently, the number of workers paying into the system will be too small to support the retirees who have already paid into the system.

One thing I will promise is that, whatever changes are made to Social Security, current beneficiaries will not see their benefits go down. Social Security is a promise that we made to our seniors, and I will fight to make sure that promise is kept.

Social Security Updates

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