Health Care

My Position on Health Care

If there is one message I have received loud and clear during my town hall meetings it has been this: our health care system needs reform. However, most people have argued the answer is not a federal government-run health care system in this country. I have long believed that health care decisions should be between a patient and their doctor- not the federal government.

In Congress, I am working to ensure every American has the right to accessible, affordable, quality health care. I am committed to finding solutions that ensures we lower the cost of health care, allows consumers to make choices for their healthcare- not the government, removes red tape bureaucracy accelerating the development of life-saving devices and therapies, and improves access to quality care for those who call rural America home.

I will always fight for solutions that provide accessible, affordable, quality care for Oklahomans, because without access to quality healthcare, our hard-working families in middle America are left high and dry.

Health Care Updates

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