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Feb 11, 2009
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"The House of Representatives passed the Senate-amended expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program by a vote of 290-135.  Disguised as a program to grant low-income children health insurance, this bill will allow Speaker Pelosi to move this country closer to a socialized health care system at a massive cost to the American taxpayers."  – Congressman Frank Lucas

“The idea that we can borrow more money that we don’t have to spend on more things we don’t need, and ignore the wisdom of the average American citizen on how best to spend their money, is insane.  And yet we’ve spent two-and-a-half days –that’s all we’ve spent so far on a $1 trillion bill, two-and-a-half days and 20 votes –and now we are told by the Majority Leader we need to hurry up.  Hurry up is what’s got us in this trouble.  We need a methodical explanation to the American people for every line that is in this bill.”

“So let’s fess up.  We don’t know what we’re doing.  A $1 trillion bill was cobbled together in four weeks with earmarks like crazy throughout it for every special interest group that’s out there so we can look good to certain of our buddies, and especially the ones that give us campaign contributions.  That’s what describes this bill … You cannot fix a problem until you know what the problem is.  And the problem is us.  We created this mess.” – Senator Tom Coburn.

“We know what stimulus is and this is not stimulus. This bill is 93 percent spending and only 7 percent stimulation. We can do better than this. Congress should not enact an expensive spending bill under the pretense of stimulus or recovery. We cannot spend our way to prosperity, and such an expansion of the federal government will put a crushing burden on taxpayers in the long-term.” – Sen. Jim Inhofe.

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