News 9: Cap-and-Trade Bill Causes Concern

Aug 29, 2009
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ENID, Oklahoma — A climate bill that set mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions were the main topic at a meeting in Enid today.

Congressman Frank Lucas hosted the meeting and the congressman fears the bill could have a negative impact on many Oklahomans.

Lawmakers say if the cap-and-trade bill passes, fertilizer plants, like the one in Enid, could shut down and eventually cost you more in the long run.

"The cost of not only producing fertilizers, a major input in production agriculture, but the cost of everything will go up with this bill; the price of gas, diesel, the price of electricity, not only in your place of business or work, but in your home," Rep. Frank Lucas (R) District 3 said.

Congressman Frank Lucas says the cap-and-trade could have a negative impact on our states farmers, ranchers, and businesses.

This is how the President’s proposed Cap and Trade bill works: A national cap is put on carbon emissions and uses market based system of credits to enforce caps. Companies with more credits than they needed could trade that to other companies unable to meet their emissions cap.

"This is probably one of the most dramatic attempts at a federal government takeover and decision making in our economy process in our country I’ve seen over my lifetime," Rep. Lucas said.

Lucas says if this law passes as is, this could severely affect an industry that is critical for food production and the country’s economic health. In Enid it could also mean the loss of tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs in The Koch Nitrogen Company where fertilizer production meets farmers’ demands in the region.

Lucas adds a cap on emissions means less production.

Farmers like Terry Detrick has already been hit hard with a tough year and this bill could take a toll on the Enid man.

"It will have a trickle-down effect, all manufacturing, anybody who’s under the regulations of increased emissions control and all of the things we have to do to comply, all those cost will be passed down to consumer and it’ll increase our cost of living," Detrick said.

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