Lucas, Oklahoma Delegation Remembers April 19 Tragedy

Apr 17, 2015

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WASHINGTON – Members of the Oklahoma congressional delegation joined in remembrance of the tragic bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995. The act of domestic terrorism that took place 20 years ago claimed 168 innocent lives in Oklahoma City and left families, loved ones and communities forever changed.

“I will never forget the hallowed expressions of the men and women who had worked themselves to exhaustion helping their fellow citizens in the explosion’s aftermath. And I will never forget the outpour of support from across the country. Everywhere we turned, a hand was reaching out to pull us back to our feet,” said Rep. Frank Lucas. “Before that fateful day, many folks may have overlooked Oklahoma. If you didn’t go down I-35 or down old Route 66, you might have missed us. But on that day, 20 years ago, we were thrust onto the world stage and demonstrated that in the worst of circumstances we could reemerge stronger and more united than ever. Oklahoma and the rest of our nation changed on that day. However, in the wake of tragedy, our resolve and sense of community has only grown. Today we honor the memories of the 168 souls who were taken from us and those whose lives were changed forever.”

“Even though time has passed, the nightmare that took place 20 years ago vividly remains for many and our sorrow still lingers for those lost in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995,” said Rep. Tom Cole. “When I think back on that fateful day, I remember the heartbreak, pain and shock felt by all—but most especially by the families, friends and loved ones of those whose lives were prematurely and unfairly taken. In the midst of a terrible tragedy, I remember the bravery and strength displayed by first responders. I will also never forget the outpouring of love and support within our own communities and from countless others across the nation and around the world. And I shall always be grateful for the splendid leadership by Governor Frank Keating, First Lady Cathy Keating, Oklahoma City Mayor Ron Norick and Rep. Frank Lucas in that time of tragedy and triumph for the state of Oklahoma. ”

“With the anniversary of this terrible tragedy, we will grieve the loss of many innocent adults and children, stand with the survivors and also give thanks for the first responders and the volunteers from Oklahoma and across the country that helped in the aftermath,” said Rep. Markwayne Mullin. “It is because of the strength of our communities and the help from Americans across this great nation that our state rebounded stronger than before. And our country came to know the Oklahoma Standard—the way in which Oklahomans come together in times of tragedy and hardship. So from the ashes of this evil act, our state built a message of hope and love. It is through these principles that we can overcome any challenge.”

"Twenty years ago the Oklahoma City bombing seared the concept of terrorism on American soil into our national consciousness and proved that we are all vulnerable, even in the heartland,” said Rep. Jim Bridenstine. “I was in college at Rice University in 1995. All of us remember exactly where we were that day, and we will never forget the 168 people who were killed.  Terrorism is evil, yet the incredible response to tragedies like we experienced in Oklahoma 20 years ago serve to highlight the strength, resolve, and resiliency of the American people to the world."   

“April 19th, 1995 will forever be one of those days that Oklahomans live with every day of their life,” said Rep. Steve Russell. “Not only did it affect our citizens, it also opened our nation’s eyes to the frightening thought of domestic terrorism. It is because of events like these that we must never let our guard down and must remain vigilant in protecting our entire homeland. As we reflect on the 20th anniversary, let us pray for the families that lost loved ones, and for the many survivors, that they may be granted a special comfort and peace.” 

“Today we remember the 168 Oklahomans, including young children, who were killed in an evil act of domestic terrorism in Oklahoma City,” said Sen. Jim Inhofe. “We remember the rescue workers, the firefighters and everyone who rushed to the scene to provide aid and extend comfort. What arose from the rubble that day was the Oklahoma Standard – strangers helping strangers, giving sacrificially for the betterment of our great state. Since then, the rest of the nation has seen this rich characteristic on display time and again as Oklahomans pull up their boots in trying times and walk forward with hope that comes from banding together. May we stand in solidarity today to remember the victims, to give thanks to first responders, and to continue to pray for Oklahoma and the families and friends who lost loved ones on April 19, 1995.”

“On this solemn anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, my family and staff remember the lives that were lost 20 years ago,” said Sen. James Lankford. “We remember the first responders who acted selflessly in a time of need. We remember the families who lost loved ones, and we remember the survivors who continue to re-count and re-live that fateful day. We lift up the families impacted by this tragic event and all Oklahomans who did not let fear overcome their love for our fellow man. When faced with anguish, Oklahomans thrived. We did not allow our hope to fade. Our state experienced firsthand Psalm 34:18 which says, ‘the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit’. This year we are all finding practical ways to serve each other, even those we disagree with, so we never again allow anger to blind our eyes to one another. May God bless our state, and may we never lose our resilient Oklahoma spirit.”

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