Congressman Lucas Responds to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address

Feb 08, 2023

Washington, DC – Congressman Frank Lucas (OK-03) released the following statement responding to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address: 

“Tonight, President Biden delivered a State of the Union address that was more akin to an administration with high approval ratings who had been successfully addressing America’s problems- not his own. 

“Washington Democrats spent the last two years spending overwhelming amounts of money and enacting regulatory priorities that threw certainty out the window and drove up the cost of living for millions of individuals, families, and businesses. Inflation rose to a near 40-year high, leaving working Americans- after inflation and taxes- with a pay cut. Food prices are still soaring. Gas prices are still up nearly 50% compared to when President Biden took office. There continues to be a humanitarian and security crisis at our Southern Border. And top of mind for nearly every American, our national debt has swelled to more than $31 trillion.

 “A little more than 90 days ago, the American people agreed with House Republicans, believing it was time for a change in leadership and a different course of action. What Americans- and Republicans are striving towards- are solutions that address our nation’s most pressing issues. 

“Absent from the President’s address tonight was a comprehensive solution to address the crisis at the border. Since President Biden took office, there have been nearly 5 million illegal crossings at the Southern Border and drugs like fentanyl continue to devastatingly impact our communities. I can assure the President, House Republicans are eager to work with Democrats to provide critical security measures and immigration reform at the Southern Border.

“Defaulting on our debt is not an option. House Republicans will curb wasteful spending and ensure a responsible debt limit increase that puts America on the path to responsible spending. Working towards a more responsible federal government and healthier economy shouldn’t be a partisan Republican or Democrat solution- it should be the only solution.

“Another issue all Americans agree on is combatting the growing threats of global adversaries. Across the globe, the United States and our allies face economic, political, and security threats from the likes of Russia, North Korea, Iran, and the Chinese Community Party. At this very moment, Ukrainians are bravely defending their homeland and sovereignty against a Russian invasion. North Korea and Iran continue to amass materials for nuclear weapons, increasing threats in the Indo-Pacific. But make no mistake, America’s most consequential threat continues to be the People’s Republic of China. America cannot have the inactive leadership like that of the delayed downing of a Chinese spy balloon. We must continue to invest in the research, development, and procurement of modernized weapons that will ensure America’s military remains strong and ready- both domestically and internationally.

“We also must address the Chinese Communist Party’s threat to our economic and technological competitiveness. Last year, working with President Biden, Congress delivered on legislation that would promote research, science, and innovation, as well as increasing the American-made semiconductor chips industry. But more must be done. America’s scientific and technological superiority has never been more important than it is right now. America has long been a global leader because of our commitment to innovative, fundamental research and our ability to leverage public-private partnerships. Through legislation and oversight, we will ensure the U.S. stays at the cutting edge of science and innovation by protecting and strengthening American research, technology, and financing. 

“As President Biden ended his address tonight, he spoke of finding common ground. I applaud the calls to ending cancer, expanding services to our nation’s veterans, and addressing the opioid epidemic. There’s no doubt the President can find common ground with the Republican House majority the American people elected- we must pass a fiscally responsible government funding bill, a strong National Defense Authorization Act, and a comprehensive Farm Bill. While I’m sure President Biden will soon launch another presidential campaign, the President has an opportunity to set aside his party’s progressive all-or-nothing approach that sharpens the ideological wedge in our country. Should that happen, I look forward to it being a productive 118th Congress.”


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