Congressman Lucas Reacts to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union

Washington, DC – Congressman Frank Lucas (OK-03) released the following statement responding to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union:

“Tonight, President Biden delivered his State of the Union address. Just like in his speech last year marking his first 100 days, President Biden spoke at length about his leadership, and of policies and actions that were supposed to put our country on the right path. But as a nation, Americans seem to disagree, and it’s clear that, under his leadership, the state of our Union is not as strong as President Biden would want us to believe. 

“Across the United States, millions of hard-working families are feeling the pinch of inflation- inflationary pressures not felt since the late 1970s and early 1980s during the Carter Administration. In January, inflation accelerated 7.5%, soaring at the highest levels in 40 years. While President Biden spoke about took credit for a robust economic recovery, the American people seem to feel and think otherwise. 

“President Biden took credit for low unemployment and bringing more than 6.6 million Americans back into the workforce. But the truth of the matter is, there are still nearly 3 million fewer jobs today than there was before the pandemic. And while the President touted the strong position America’s families are in, in fact, inflation and America’s economic crisis has actually erased many Americans’ pay growth during the economic recovery. 

“For months, the Biden Administration label inflation as a “high-class problem” and transitory while Republicans, independent experts, and even liberal economists warned of the consequences of unnecessary and irresponsible spending. Even tonight, President Biden urged Congress to embrace parts of his Build Back Better legislation. Once again, the priorities of the American people are being ignored by President Biden and Democrats in Washington.

“Across the globe, the United States and Western allies are facing growing threats from authoritarians from the likes of Russia, China, and others. At this very moment, the world is watching in real-time Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia’s premediated invasion of its sovereign neighbor is spilling blood into the streets of Ukraine and is wreaking havoc across Europe and the rest of the world. On foreign affairs, in particular with Ukraine, I am sincerely rooting for President Biden’s and Congress’ success. We need steady, clear leadership to help guide the West as we all continue to support Ukraine and deter Vladimir Putin from continuing his aggression.

“But, make no mistake, this crisis does not end with Ukraine. America’s adversaries such as China and Russia have only grown more aggressive, responding with economic and technological espionage, cyberattacks, the violation of human rights, and military posturing. It’s because of this that America must bolster and increase its investment in basic research, science, and innovation. We must scale-up America’s research and development capabilities over the next decade, ensuring the Chinese Communist Party does not achieve its goal of overtaking the U.S. in science and technology, giving them a dangerous economic and national security advantage.

“America’s scientific and technological superiority has never been more important than it is right now. We will find ourselves in a dangerous place if we don’t invest in basic research and act quickly to address our shortage of semiconductor chips. While I’m glad the President recognizes this need, his remarks tonight were just that – remarks. Democrats have been saying for months now that the CHIPS Act and research and development funding are priorities, but we’ve yet to see any real action. It’s been more than nine months since the Senate and House each passed bipartisan competitiveness legislation. It’s been more than three months since Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer announced that we’d be conferencing that legislation. It’s been more than a month since Speaker Pelosi used the CHIPS Act and Science Committee competitiveness legislation as the vehicle for her clown car of climate change priorities. We need more than words – we need action.

“Tonight, the American people deserved a commitment that the Biden Administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress would drastically change course. The American people deserve a Congress that finds common ground and moves this country forward together. My Republican colleagues and I stand ready to renew the American Dream and restore our way of life.”


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