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May 6, 2020 In The News
Congressman Frank Lucas, R-OK, wants answers for his cattlemen constituents. And he’s not alone.
April 7, 2016 In The News
Congressman Frank Lucas spoke on a variety of issues Tuesday afternoon in a town hall meeting in Fairview...
March 16, 2015 In The News
Government intrusion into America’s energy and agricultural sectors reverberates into our everyday lives in the form of higher food prices or monthly energy bills...
December 17, 2014 In The News
January 31, 2014 In The News

The Oklahoman
By: Editorial Writers
January 31, 2014

In saying the country needs “consistent, conservative leadership,” the man who would like to replace Rep. Frank Lucas in Congress implies that Lucas is neither consistent nor conservative. His work in shaping a new farm bill suggests otherwise.

November 29, 2013 In The News

The Oklahoman
By: Chris Casteel
November 29, 2013

WASHINGTON — Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Cheyenne, is the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and one of the most influential voices in Congress on farm policy.

October 28, 2013 In The News

By: Randy Krehbiel
October 28, 2013

Third District Congressman Frank Lucas says he never talked about the hailstorm while his father was alive.

Lucas was 7. When the storm passed, and Ike Lucas went out into the still dark night with a flashlight, Lucas followed.

May 17, 2013 In The News
April 25, 2013 In The News

By: Adam Kredo
April 25, 2013

Senate and House Republicans are set to introduce a joint bill Friday that would significantly limit the amount of ammunition that federal agencies are permitted to purchase and stockpile over the next six months.