How to Open a Case

1. Using the information provided above, make certain that your question or problem is something my office can assist you with.

2. Please refer to these casework FAQs to determine if your question is more easily answered there.

3. For assistance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), please fill out an IRS-specific casework form. For all other agencies, please fill out a casework privacy release form. Begin to gather the necessary documents which may includethe most recent correspondence sent to/received from the agency (letters, decisions, notices, etc.), receipts for applications filed and fees paid, medical documentation (if applicable), financial records (if applicable), other letters of support. Please remember to send copies instead of original documents unless specifically requested by my staff.

Mail, fax or drop off all of your documentation to:

    Office of Congressman Frank Lucas
    10952 N.W. Expressway
    Suite B
    Yukon, Oklahoma, 73099
    (405) 373-1958
    (405) 373-2046 FAX

Once we receive your casework request and documentation, please allow up to five business days for a member of my casework team to contact you regarding your concern.