Taking Back our Economy with Made in America Products

Jul 20, 2017 Issues: Economy and Jobs

In our country we are fortunate to have some of the most innovative and hardworking businesses in the world. Products manufactured in America often surpass the quality and reliability of any competitor worldwide. I believe it’s important that we recognize the individuals who take risks to pursue their vision which is why I was honored to be invited to join the White House Made in America Product Showcase and Roundtable this week.

I had the great privilege to visit with business leaders from Oklahoma’s very own Ditch Witch, as they presented their tremendous products in our nation’s capital. It was an amazing experience to see Ditch Witch’s high-quality construction equipment on the White House grounds. Based out of Perry, Oklahoma, this company serves as a tremendous representation of the ingenuity and adaptability of our state.

Another fantastic Oklahoma business had the opportunity to showcase its products to President Trump at the Made in America Roundtable. I joined Rob Flory, CEO of BlankSlate Coasters out of Stillwater, to help promote his enterprising story of hard work as he partnered with Walmart to drastically expand his company’s product distribution.

While it’s important to celebrate and honor America’s small business, we also must recognize the numerous challenges they face. Onerous rules and regulations passed down from the federal government often make it difficult for new firms to grow, which in turn diminishes capital investment and the hiring of new employees.

For the past eight years, Congress has fought to push back a regulatory agenda that was holding down economic growth here at home. It was only with the beginning of a new administration that we have been able to cut the red tape that has hindered free enterprise.

Our primary tool in Congress to accomplish this effort has been the Congressional Review Act (CRA). This legislation enables Congress to repeal regulations passed toward the end of the previous presidential administration that left our country with an extraordinary regulatory burden to contend with. The CRA has enabled Congress to chip away at the roughly $740 billion economic cost of regulations authored by the Obama administration. So far we have made significant progress in lifting the regulatory burden from energy producers, manufacturers, and small businesses.

Beyond legislative fixes, our strongest asset to promote American business is through trade. That’s why events like the Made in America roundtable are so important. These occasions allow us to demonstrate support for our country’s amazing small businesses and highlight the importance of supporting small manufacturers. I believe that given a level playing field, American enterprise can surpass the innovation and productivity of any foreign company. Trade deals present companies with new ways to find growth by accessing untapped markets. We have seen this play an extraordinary role in the agriculture and energy sectors and I hope to see upcoming trade deals open doors for American manufacturing as well.

Our first step is to reclaim our economy here at home, and Congress is focused on identifying ways we can support startups and other smaller firms because when American businesses succeed, the American people succeed as well. Made in America is about creating opportunities, raising the standard of living, and restoring the reputation of American products worldwide. I look forward to continuing to work with the Trump administration and my colleagues in Congress to promote great American companies like Ditch Witch and BlankSlate Coasters here in Oklahoma.