Cases I Can Help You With

Before you contact my office for assistance with your case, it is a good idea to first determine if your concern is something my office has the authority and jurisdiction to help you with.

I can help you if you need assistance dealing with a federal agency. A federal agency is an organization that reports to the Executive branch of the United States Government such as the Social Security Administration (SSA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Postal Service (USPS), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to name a few. View a complete list of Federal Agencies.  If your concern is with a federal agency, my casework staff is authorized to investigate on your behalf.  Please remember that you must have already filed an application, petition, formal complaint or otherwise contacted the federal agency in writing before my office can lend a hand.

According to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, I can not act as an attorney or offer legal assistance in any way.

While I will make my best efforts to assist you, please remember that federal agencies have discretion concerning decisions on individual cases and have the final say on the outcome.