2016 Art Competition Entries

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Friendship Forged in Iron
Reagan Stephens
Weatherford High School
Oil Paint


Ode to Joy
Tristan Duncan
Sapulpa High School
Acrylic Paint


Victory Kiss at Times Square
Shelbi Morland
Lavern High School
Pencil and Charcoal


Autumn Mountains
Kallie Jerome
Mulhall-Orlando High School
Acrylic Paint

Fox Hill
Amber Thompson
Skiatook High School
Digital Art

Oklahoma Dirt Road
Britnie Martin
Mulhall-Orlando High School
Acrylic Pain

Oklahoma Harvest
Charley Oykes
Mulhall-Orlando High School
Acrylic Paint

Powerful Commotion
Brittany Blankinship
Mulhall-Orlando High School
Acrylic Paint

Stand Still
Olivia Cobb
Chandler High School
Acrylic Paint